Ewell Construction, Inc.

Residential and Commercial Surfacing Solutions

Tufflex is your waterproofing answer. Ewell Construction has been applying waterproof coatings in residential and commercial applications for more than 20 years with Tufflex, and it has proven itself to be a leader in waterproof deck products.


Samples of Our Work:
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Residential Surfacing
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Commercial Surfacing
New Surfacing Gallery Image 3
Surface Color Variations
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Waterproof Coating Texture
5 Reasons Why Ewell Construction Should Conduct Your Surfacing Services:
1 We have over 20 years experience in treating surfaces in order to prevent water absorption.
2 Our waterproofing service is essential for preventing leaks, mold, and mildew.
3 Tufflex provides a low-cost, durable, and long lasting solution for preventing leaks, erosion, and severe-weather sun deck damage.
4 We have over 40 years of experience in construction which gives us a unique understand of how to create the best long term waterproofing solution.
5 Our waterproofing services can help you save time and money now by preventing long-term property damage in the future.
  This was a very professional job. Thank you!
- Lupe // San Pedro, Ca