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What is the sub grade waterproofing procedure?

  1. Crew will excavate area. Contractor will store the soil next to the planter.
  2. Prepare wall for waterproofing. Contractor will scrape, grind, and chip the area to remove any loose particles from the wall.
  3. Install 3 coats of Vulkem 201R waterproofing membrane on the prepared area.
  4. Install ¼” foam board to protect waterproofing membrane from the soil.
  5. Re-compact the soil.

What is the Water test procedure?

  1. Two technicians will be present with equipment and radios.
  2. Contractor will inspect the proposed job site to determine the source of the water intrusion.
  3. Different areas, beginning with at the lowest point, will be isolated to pinpoint the entry location.
  4. Areas that will be tested will be determined depending on the location of the leak.
  5. After leak is found contractor will discuss repair options with the owner.