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Waterproofing Services / Water Testing Services

Ewell Construction has a better approach to finding your leak with our residential waterproofing services. Our estimator’s field experience can easily identify the source of water intrusion and for those jobs that require more information, we may suggest a water test and/or a waterproofing solution . This approach will help isolate those difficult areas and ensure we find and fix the leak rather than guessing the location of the leak.

If you would like us to find and fix your leak please contact the office to schedule an appointment with our waterproofing specialists. As with all of our work a signed proposal is required prior to commencing any work. A written report on leaks found along with recommended repairs will be presented after the test results are documented.

Waterproofing and Water Testing Services
Waterproofing Examples:
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Durable Waterpoof Roofing
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Water Intrusion Testing
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Exterior Leak Detection
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Drainage System Solutions
What is the Water test procedure?
1 A contractor will inspect the proposed job site to determine the source of the water intrusion.
2 Several technicians will be sent to the job site with the proper equipment and radios to ensure effective communication around the site.
3 Different areas, beginning at the lowest point, will be isolated to pinpoint the entry location.
4 Areas that will be tested will be determined depending on the location of the leak.
5 After leak is found, the contractor will discuss repair options with the owner and waterproofing solutions that may be available.
Thanks for fixing my hot water leak. I appreciate that you were able to handle it so quickly and saving me money was a plus.
- G Colososchi // Cypress, Ca.