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Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting is an essential for California residents. Ewell Construction can make the proper modifications to your house to make it more resistant to earthquakes and more prepared to handle seismic activity. By ensuring your house is properly bolted to its foundation and that its cripple wall is correctly braced, among other techniques and modifications, we can help prevent major structural damage when an earthquake hits and the bills that accompany it.

Earthquake Retrofitting
Earthquake Retrofitting Examples:
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New Earthquake Retrofitting Gallery Image 1
Solid Concrete Foundation
New Earthquake Retrofitting Gallery Image 2
Stabalized Building Frame
New Earthquake Retrofitting Gallery Image 3
Retrofitted Overheads
New Earthquake Retrofitting Gallery Image 3
Reinforced Frame Structure
5 Reasons why Ewell Construction should retrofit your home:
1 We can prevent your house from sliding off its foundation by installing and perfecting your foundation bolts and framing anchors.
2 Homes are often destroyed in earthquakes by cripple wall failure, a short wall that is built upon the foundation. Ewell Construction can prevent this by reinforcing the wall and ensuring its stability.
3 We will walk you through the modification to your home so you know how and why before we start.

Withover 40 years of experience, Ewell Construction kows what works and what doesn't when it comes to earthquake preparedness.

5 We can give you the assurance you need when experiencing an earthquake in your home.
  The technicians were courteous, informative and professional.
- Bob // Redondo Beach, Ca