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Sub Grade waterproofing Services

Because of our specific expertise and ability to quickly and efficiently install high quality roof systems, deck systems, and waterproofing systems, Ewell Construction is frequently applying sub grade water to homes and businesses..


Sub Grade Waterproofing
Sub Grade Waterproofing Examples:
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High Quality Waterproof Deck
Waterproofing/Water Testing Gallery Image 2
Sub Grade Installation
Waterproofing/Water Testing Gallery Image 3
Sub Grade Waterproof Testing
Waterproofing/Water Testing Gallery Image 3
Waterproof Testing on Deck
What is the sub grade waterproofing procedure?

A crew will excavate the area as the contractor stores the soil on the location or elsewhere if necessary.


The crew will prepare the wall for waterproofing as the contractor will scrape, grind, and chip the area to remove any loose particles from the wall.

3 After the wall has been prepared, the crew will install three coats of Vulkem 201R waterproofing membrane on the prepared area.

A ¼” foam board will then be installed to protect the waterproofing membrane from the soil.

5 The crew will re-compact the soil.
Thanks for fixing my hot water leak. I appreciate that you were able to handle it so quickly and saving me money was a plus.
- Giselle Colososchi // Cypress, Ca.