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Remodeling Design Services

Design is an important aspect in remodeling and at Ewell Construction you can get the advice and direction you need. We will work with you to find creative solutions to any idea. Our unique background in design and construction gives us the ability to assist you in achieving your goals in home repairs and remodeling without the hassle of hiring more experts. It is important to us to achieve a high standard of expertise and creativity in our work and we greatly value our clients input. We understand that your time is valuable and that gives us an edge over other companies because at Ewell Construction you can leave all the research to us. Our designers take the time to research and find the products you are interested so you don’t have to waste time driving from place to place. Contact our office to find out what we can do for you.

Samples of Our Work:
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New Remodeling Design Gallery Image 1
Remodeled Hallway
New Remodeling Design Gallery Image 2
Remodeled Living Area
New Remodeling Design Gallery Image 3
Remodeled Family Room
New Remodeling Design Gallery Image 3
Remodeling Design
5 Reasons why Ewell Construction should Conduct Remodeling Design Services:
1 Ewell construction is unique in its capabilities as we have a combined knowledge of both design and construction. This means that we are experienced in giving customers the quality design elements they want and the efficient construction they deserve.
2 We work with our clients, from advice and direction to research and expertise, giving them the confidence of being directly involved in the process.
3 We understand designing on a budget and know how to provide the best possible design and construction for your price range.

We make your comfort a priority, promptly addressing any questions or concerns.

5 Family owned and operated, we can provide professionalism and honesty without the hassles of working with a large corporation.
  We were so impressed with everyone form your company and this comes from a couple who has built their home from the ground up. We have survived many 'crews' and yours certainly come out on top. Thank you.
- Pattie and Doug // Malibu, Ca.